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Gigamax Technologies manufactures test equipment which measure both time and voltage parameters of serial data signals and their associated clocks and oscillators. Most oscilloscopes do not actually measure time, they measure voltage and calculate time. Ours actually measure time and timing movement.

ScopemaX logo

ScopemaX is a hardware and software module for your real time oscilloscope.

ScopemaX works with any real time scope which samples at 10Gs or faster to significantly upgrade its capabilities by adding precise time measurements.

Includes detailed clock or serial data analysis. Excellent jitter component isolation will not report increased RJ when only DJ has increased.


ScopemaX CTA

Clock Timing Analyzer click for CTA brochure

Measure all typical voltage and timing parameters of clocks and oscillators

  • Jitter, RJ, DJ, PJ, TJ, band limited RMS
  • Phase Noise down to -160dBc click for info
  • Basic Timing Parameters
  • Basic Voltage Parameters
  • Much More

Starting at $21,995.00

See video demo of ScopemaX CTA

Contact your local Gigamax representative for more details

ScopemaX DTA

Data Timing Analyzer click for DTA brochure

Automatically displays eye diagram, even on live traffic. Does not require repeating pattern.

  • Jitter, RJ, DJ, DCD+ISI, PJ, TJ
  • Eye masks
  • Histograms
  • Much more

Nicely equipped for under $30,000.00

See video demo of ScopemaX DTA

Signal Integrity Analyzers

  • Up to 8 differential inputs
  • Very fast GPIB



15GHz Integrated Oscilloscope

  • Used to measure voltage parameters

35GHz Timing Bandwidth

  • Used for all timing and jitter parameters
  • Up to 15Gbs serial data jitter analysis

Includes Analysis Software

  • Clock and PLL analysis
  • Serial data analysis
  • Serial data compliance tools
    • PCIExpress
    • SATA
    • Fibre Channel


  • 4.5Gb/sec serial data analysis
  • 4.5GHz clock analysis



Test and Measurement
Gigamax Technologies


ScopemaX CTA now measures phase noise

Compare CTA vs. E5052

ScopemaX CTA replaces Wavecrest SSA Signal Source Analyzer

Scopemax DTA
Real Time Jitter Processor 15 GHz - up to 10 Gb/s

Product Highlights
Signal Integrity Analyzer




See Clock Analysis for Serial Data for advice regarding jitter on clocks for 12Gbs data

PCI Express: Beyond

Minimum Compliance -
Test and Measurement World Article

Support for

Sata, SAS, PCIe, Serial Data, SERDES, FPGAs, Jitter, USB3.0, Clocks, PLLs, Characterization


Check back soon for YouTube videos

Rohde & Schwarz RTO10245 2GHz oscilloscope and ScopemaX measure phase noise down to -150Dbc.- click here to see results

Tekronix DPO7254 2.5GHz oscilloscope measures over 6 Gb/s serial data.- click here to see results

Fibre-Channel 16X Testing to 14.4Gb/s on SIA-4000

How to set up a
Signal Integrity Lab





Visit us at booth 115
Jan 31 - Feb.1, 2012
Santa Clara Conv. Ctr.


Sept. 2011 Gigamax Releases ScopemaX CTA rev 3.0 with Phase Noise Analysis

Jan. 2011 Gigamax Releases ScopemaX CTA Clock Timing Analyzer

2010 Gigamax releases SIA4000 Gigaview software rev3.0

2010 Gigamax releases ScopemaX DTA Serial Data Timing Analyzer

2009 Gigamax Acquires Wavecrest Technology New Name--Same Great Products !


Click Here for Calibration, Service and Support for ScopemaX and All Wavecrest SIA and OE2 Instruments

Upgrade your SIA-3000 Series instrument to our new SIA-4000 with extended bandwidth of over 15 Gb/s

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